A good lawyer can spell the difference between acquittal and spending years or even decades in prison. While the Constitution states a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, prosecutors and even police may use many different tactics to increase the odds of securing a conviction. Unfortunately, this is true even if the defendant has not committed the crime in question.

Our lawyers, Paul, B.J., Jane, and Chase, conduct a careful evaluation of each case before offering advice on how to proceed. If a defendant wants to accept a plea bargain deal, we ensure they are aware of the implications of such a deal. We also work hard to ensure the conditions of the deal are in the defendant’s best interest.

If the case goes to court, we carefully assess the prosecutor’s case and actions to look for ways to have the case dismissed. Grounds for dismissal include:

  • No probable cause for a stop or arrest
  • Lack of evidence
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Improper chain of custody
  • Violation of your civil rights

If the case does go to court, we will provide vigorous representation. We will present evidence to prove your innocence. We will bring in friendly witnesses. We also provide expert witnesses to build your case and increase your odds of an acquittal.

If you have been questioned about or charged with a crime, contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible. We will advise you on how to communicate with law enforcement officials and begin collecting evidence on our behalf.

The Law Offices of Croley and Foley’s lawyers have decades of experience in criminal law cases. Our team handles cases in Clark, Fayette, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Madison, Rockcastle, and Whitley counties. Initial consultations are always free, and our fees are reasonable to provide you with the best possible representation at the lowest possible cost.